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Yamaha tenere 700 panniers

In short — the ultimate adventure bike. In length, I only have the resources for a single bike in my life, as do most people. I need a bike which can perform as well on a long-distance tarmac trip as an expedition to Mongolia, throwing in the odd commute to work as well. At kg wet, the bike is light for an adventure bike, but still quite heavy for an off-road machine. Therefore, any protection and luggage etc.

Starting with the Yamaha Accessory catalogue, there are a few parts that will definitely be going on the bike. These may not stay on the bike forever, as lighter or stronger third party items are produced, but they will be ready from day one. I fully intend to hit the dirt the day I get this bike so I need that protection from the start. I am Tenere, hear me roar! The full system is still getting developed so will get an update soon along with weight and performance specs.

That stock exhaust has got to go. I think that this is common thought among the T7 community. Changing the exhaust system can be a great opportunity to add a few extra horses and more importantly, drop a few kgs on the overall weight of the bike.

Win win for everyone! I currently have the end can and link pipe installed with the full system still being developed. When my Tiger went down on a trail, the majority of the bike was protected thanks to the combination of the engine bars and Barkbusters handguards. Having these two points of contact kept everything else up in the air. With that in mind, Barkbusters will be going on sharpish.

Plus soft, is lighter and will be less likely to damage the bike in a fall obviously more likely to damage the contents though!

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The crossbar above the dash will be for holding my phone and nothing else. My phone has all the connections I need for riding, whether to work or along the TET for two weeks. With winter looming over the horizon, a lot of bikers put their babies away and wait for the longer weather.

We think that some of the best trail riding happens in the winter.

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Let us know, we love to chat! I know Yamaha boasts of a decent range, but I take that with a pinch of salt. I think for the longer trips, I might look at getting some form of jerry can strapped on or something, but it depends on what that true range will be.

Both the Tracer and MT07 have been out for years and seeing 60mpg from them is definitely realistic. I see no reason to think the T7 cannot match this. The Tenere has a 3. Even if you manage to average 60MPH which is harder than it sounds! Personally I would want to get off and stretch my legs at least this often. Interested to hear if this is what you experience, James.

Some decent points Ross. I think that anything near is decent for long distance.A lightweight, no compromise adventure bike with outstanding reliability opens up a new world of possibilities. Next Horizon: where it all began.

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Pre-Qualify Now Get one step closer to owning the Yamaha of your choice. Rider Training Our training organization partners offer real-world instruction from learning to ride to perfecting your skillset. Find out more Got it.We simply created a system no other manufacturer has managed before. Motorkaruv Pruvodce for putting me on the right track with this invention. Now about this mysterious system: Rotopax 1 gallon or 3. We designed the X-Frame pannier racks a couple of years ago with Adventure Moto Australia to offer a multifunctional set of pannier racks.

Early we began testing a completely new X-Frame system developed by Outback Motortek. Kudos to Mosko Moto for helping us out with the Backcountry 35L panniers. How about the Yamaha Tenerethe main topic of this post? Well, there you have it below:. Looking forward to installing many of your products on my Tenere this spring in Canada.

I live close to Dualsport Plus who carry your products. Your email address will not be published. Yes, add me to your mailing list. Fuel Range Extended — Yamaha Tenere By Lorry G. Lorry G. More by Lorry G. Share 0 0 0. Tags mosko moto x-frame pannier racks yamaha tenere Comment 1. Robert Smyth 2 months ago Reply. Leave a reply Click here to cancel the reply Your email address will not be published. Related Articles. Apr Mar The advantage of the official Yamaha Topcase-rack made by Givi is, that any Givi or Kappa Monokey topcase will fit on the rack without the need of any additional adapter plate.

So if you do not choose the quite expensive Yamaha topcase made by Givi IMO the official Yamaha Topcase-rack is the most versatile options and if you decide lateron to use panniers you have the option to add the panniers side racks Regarding the look this is a matter of taste: you either like it or not. I bought a Giant Loop for my Tenere. Haven't fitted it yet because I don't have a rear rack. And the winter is coming to Finland.

I have had both, hard and soft luggage, before. Really helpful thanks and I agree. The Giant Loop do look great. I've looked at them. If you could share any pictures fitted to the bike once you have it, that would be brilliant. Yes I will but it may take some time as I have put the bike to hibernation sleep and probably won't be visiting it anytime soon.

yamaha tenere 700 panniers

These are the Large total 24Ltrbut the XLarge total 34Ltr still have no clearance issue with the exhaust:. Shepshed - literally 10 mins from me. Would be great to have a look.

yamaha tenere 700 panniers

I can share the things I've done to mine if you're interested. Thanks for the good pictures. Do you think the Enduristan Blizzard can be used with Yamaha rear package holders? Yes - absolutely. Looking at available options Probably OutbackMotortek can supply something decent. Then I need to figure out what is needed to carry stuff, and most of the time I think that a hard case is more practical when not on the trails.

Still shopping around for proper soft cases and most require rear carrier, so I might as well have one.

yamaha tenere 700 panniers

I love the look of those Enduristan bags. I like the way they roll up and seal at the top opening. You could throw one of their Typhoon bags across the top of the two Blizards for a lot more space too.

I have an old bag like the typhoon I used when kayaking that closes the same way and it sure is waterproof! Interesting for me is that Givi's own solution is different from the one they build for and is sold by Yamaha How big is that givi rack? It's HUGE! I think I could fit a fold out camper on that and then sleep on the back of the bike. I have the Mosko Moto Reckless 80 luggage system. Works really well with the oem yamaha rear rack.

Are there other options then the oem yamaha rear rack that would fit the Tenere. I'm thinking of an aluminum rack with spacers. My is smaller. I made it myself at home.

Ténéré 700

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.Call for pricing. Questions about this product? Call or e-mail our sales team. Many years of experience and testing have been put into the design of the Zega Pro panniers so you can know you have a fantastic hard luggage system mounted to your T7.

Touratech Zega Pro panniers have provided secure dry storage for adventure riders the world over. The body and removable lid feature rounded lines with rugged corner protection that is easily replaceable. Low profile anchor loops provide a flat surface that makes the pannier a good seat at the campfire.

Crafted with 1. The Innovative cross-braced rack system bolts directly to the motorcycle sub-frame transferring the pannier load directly to the chassis of the bike. Mounting systems from other manufacturers emphasize a "minimalist" look when the boxes are off the bike. The sacrifice, inherent with those designs, is the compromised safety and reliability that often results in critical failures.

Pannier racks are available in electro-polished stainless steel, black epoxy-coated stainless steel, or standard black powder-coated steel. This design offers a very secure fitting and can be quickly released to take the boxes off. This provides dust proof and waterproof storage even in driving rain and water crossings. Some pannier makers cut corners with a plastic interface between the lid and box. This creates a weak link and often results in breakage and water intrusion.

It allows quick access by releasing one side while the other functions as a hinge. Release both latches for complete lid removal for easy packing or lid use as a utility tray for camping.

The high ground clearance of the boxes allows you to negotiate sections of deep sand or ruts. The high ground clearance also helps with cornering at speed. The 45 Liter size case can fit a full-sized helmet for storage.

Pannier Rack Installation Instructions.

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Integral locks for Zega Pro matching pair. If your order is not everything you dreamed, we'll fix it. Whether it's the wrong size or just not what you wanted, you can return it for a refund. We'll never charge a restocking fee for items returned in new unaltered condition within 60 days.

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Just return the item and we'll issue a full refund to the original payment method. Ducati Motorcycles Multistrada Multistrada Scrambler. Show all 10 thumbnails. Pannier Finish:. Rack Finish:.

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This item qualifies for free standard shipping! Contiguous 48 states only. Call to Order. Enter email to be notified when this product is available. Notify Me. Product Features Complete set with panniers, rack, and mounting hardware Available in bare aluminum, anodized silver, or anodized black Available in 31, 38, 45 liter sizes Easy installation Made in Germany by Touratech Panniers made from 1.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Sign up for price alert. Made from series aluminium with a multi-layer powder coated finish the rack is capable of being mounted by itself or together with the luggage side plates to allow for maximum flexibility of your luggage choice. We shipped orders to over 80 countries last year! At this point if you have chosen to ship outside the EU all UK taxes will be removed and the total provided for shipping and goods to the country and location of your choice.

This website requires cookies to provide all of its features. For more information on what data is contained in the cookies, please see our Privacy Policy page. To accept cookies from this site, please click the Allow button below. Covid supply chain disruption. Read more Due to the Covid situation our supply chain has been disrupted. If you can't find the product you are looking for in our shop we have temporarily removed it until we have an up to date delivery schedule. All other products are still available to buy and we are shipping approximately twice a week.

Subscribe to our newsletter for more info regarding up to date product availability. Thank you. Stay safe. Please select product options to get availability. Qty: Add to Basket. Are the production ones anodised? Thanks David, All production options are powder coated and then finished with a clear coat. The images you see were the final prototypes that we sent down the Africa to test prior to pulling the trigger on our first commercial batch.

Hope that helps Do you find this question helpful? Thanks, Plete Hi Pete. The top rack is plenty strong enough to take the weight, but we have not tried to fit a Givi rack plate so cannot answer that. Chris Do you find this question helpful? I would like to purchase it but I am afraid there is a very visible color difference.

GIVI Accessories for Yamaha Ténéré 700 - EICMA 2019

Thank you, Emmanuel It is colour matched.What are people using out there. I will fix batangacase on my t7.

Motorcycle Parts for Yamaha Tenere 700

Find "mobylette rollers" on social medias! I personally think I will go with either Enduristan Blizzards or Kriegathey are good quality and keep the bike light as possible Hard panniers on this bike seem to ad more weight and make it wider than it needs to be.

I agree with you mate. Seems such a shame to add a boat load of weight and width to a bike that is actually really light weight, with those huge aluminium boxes. As you might be able to see in the picture my right hand pannier is touching the exhaust. If I am not mistaken this are the Moonson panniers from Ednduristan I think there is a member here who has the Blizards on and he did not complain about touching the exhaust Tent or even a sleeping-bag across rear seat would should raise bag up enough off the exhaust.

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I think it would be better to simply put some space between the exhaust and the bag, maybe something like this Hello I think I saw that someone here on the forum has mounted Kriega os base on his T7.

It would be nice with a review and some pictures. I think they are nice and seem practical as you can easily take off the bags and leave the bracket.

Hello Thanks for the pictures. Kriega OS-Combo is good, but it is the model without rack that I am interested in. I think I have seen someone who has mounted these on T7.

I am definitely considering these bags but maybe without the base, I ride alone all the time and pack light. But the setup is better than enduristan as you can remove the bags and leave the base on the bike, or even leave the bag and remove the inner liner. I have ordered my T7 with rear package holder, as I think I can pack it for day trips, and that it provides some protection and you have something to lift in if you need it. My wonder is if the base fits with the bracket and if you can have the largest bags without touching the muffler.

I went with the gen yam ones as part of the explorer pack. They are made by givi as i understand. Fit solid to the bike yamaha logo on the sides and details to the lock also.

Rode them for 4 hours in monsoon conditions and didn't let in a whole load of water at all so happy with them once i get the givi or yamaha waterproof dry bags in them. I prefer hard boxes but that's just me You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

Fuel Range Extended – Yamaha Tenere 700

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