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Mem fuse box

Domestic consumer units receive the main electrical supply and distribute it to individual circuits throughout the home to provide electricity. Fuse boxes for homes play a crucial role in helping to prevent electric shocks and electrical fires. A fuse board monitors and detects the current in each circuit and will trip the system if it is being overloaded to protect the premises and its occupants.

With legislation being continually updated it is important that they are installed by a qualified professional to ensure that they are fitted and tested correctly. When considering which product is right for the property, it is important to think about the size of the property, how many circuits are in use and whether a part or fully populated board is required.

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Domestic Consumer Units

Product rating 4. Not available for delivery. Product rating 3. Product rating 5 out of 5 stars 4. Product rating 5 out of 5 stars 3. Safely distributes electricity throughout the home.

Provides the supply to individual circuits. Free returns.Discussion in ' Electricians' Talk ' started by spike47Dec 21, Log in or Sign up. Screwfix Community Forum. Hi I have a old MEM 3 phase Fuse box that has 20A double ceramic fuses per phase ,the question is can I link the the 2 x 20A fuses together and would that give me a 40A feed! Showing new earth n Neutral. JPG File size: 1.

If you don't know you can't then really you shouldn't be messing with it. SparkielevDec 21, Crying out for replacement.

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Don't waste your money on repairing any of it. Maximum rating of any outgoing way is 20amp. End of. LectricianDec 22, Or talking poop again? If it's a pain of a job you can always say you don't want to do it because of the asbestos flashpads Looks like there's a lot of asbestos there above the DB as well, with a pile of asbestos dust on top of the SWA. Thanks for your repliesthis 3 phase fuse box is fed from a 16mm2 swa cable and the same size feeds out via one of each of the 20A fuses to a 32A fused breaker about 10 Meter away.

Not sure why a 32A fused breaker is fed from a 20A fuse box!. PS: none of this comes into part "P". BazzaDec 22, You need to get an electrician to rip out the bodged installation you have and upgrade it to a safe one. What you are dealing with is a bodge and you want to bodge it even further. When the two way board was installed it was probably correct for what it had to supply, but the bodgers have struck later.

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You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?Discussion in ' Electricians' Talk ' started by scubaguyMar 8, Log in or Sign up.

Screwfix Community Forum. Does anyone out there know of a source of the old ceramic MEM four prong fuses rewirable, not cartridge. I have a house built in with a 6 way MEM CU with one spare way and I am in the process of splitting my ring mains for upstairs and downstairs.

Unfortunately, the spare fuse carrier is marked as 5 amp and I need a 30 amp. This is an interim measure as I am not ready to change the CU for a new one just yet. Any help would be appreciated. Because of this the board was failed on Inspection. The TricianMar 8, Don't split until you can fit a new CU at the same time. BS semi-enclosed rewireable fuses are bordering on the unsafe.

It is no longer possible to conform to the regulations with 2. The ECA say they would " prefer to see the use of rewireable fuses banned as they feel they present a tangible and real potential hazard to electrical safety as they are so easy to abuse and electromechanical devices such as MCB's and MCCB's present a significant improvement in circuit, and thus user safety " Some people in the IEE would like to see them banned, but the IEE does not have that power.

You have the power to replace your old CU, though, and I think you should exercise it. If its re-wirable, then can you not replace the 5amp fuse wire with 30 amp fuse wire? HOWEVER, I'd very much echo what others have said and replace the cu for an up to date mcb version as soon as you can, with RCD protection for sockets, shower, garage, external circuits etc.

There's one electrical wholesaler on the 'net can't remember their site address selling the Wylex BS fuse boards suggesting that these are standard installation items. They're not. Mcbs give a far greater degree of protection, to circuits and users. FumbletrumpetMar 9, On the principle of what's done is done, existing installations using rewirable fuses are not banned.

MEM Fuse Box

But if you add a new circuit to it, then unless you wire your new ring with 6mm you will be in contravention of the current wiring regulations.Changing a fuse box to a circuit breaker is a challenging task for the average do-it-yourself person.

The reason is that the wiring has to be worked hot. In other words, there is no way to shut off the electricity coming into the fuse box unless you ask the utility company to pull the meter. It is important that you understand electricity and are comfortable in working with it.

It might be wise to ask a licensed electrician to work with you. Remove all of the fuses from the fuse box. This cuts off the electricity that feeds the circuits in the house. There should be two hot wires and one neutral wire running into the fuse box from the meter. These will be the larger wires with the neutral wire being either white or bare copper. Disconnect the neutral wire first and if it has a covering, wrap electrical tape around the bare portion of the wire.

Make three wraps around the wire leaving enough tape on the end to keep someone from touching bare wire. Disconnect one of the hot wires being very careful not to touch bare wire or any metal. Use a screwdriver and pliers with insulated handles.

Immediately tape the end of the wire after it is disconnected. Disconnect the second hot wire and tape the end. If the fuse box is mounted outside of the house, there should be some sort of ground wire in the box that runs to a rod driven into the ground. Disconnect this wire. Remove all cable clamps and conduit connections from the fuse box. Detach the fuse box from the wall and carefully pull out the wires.

mem fuse box

Remove the inside cover from the breaker box and determine where wire entries need to be made. Punch out the appropriate knock-outs. Be very careful not to remove knock-outs where holes are not needed. Thread the disconnected wires into the box and reattach all cable clamps and conduit connections. Loosen the screw on one of the connectors, slide the ground wire into it and tighten the screw. In the top of the breaker box, there will be two large connectors.

Carefully take the tape off one of the black wires and connect it to one of the connectors. Repeat this process with the other black wire and the other large connector. Connect each black wire to a separate breaker and snap the breaker into one of the hot bus bars. Turn on all of the breakers one by one.

If a breaker snaps off, there is a bare wire touching metal or another bare wire. It is also possible that a connection is not made correctly. Retrace your installation steps and see if you can find the problem.Circuit breakers are part of the main electricity distribution system within your home. They are found in the circuit breaker box—often referred to as the "fuse box. Circuit breaker fuses may need replacing if they repeatedly switch off for no apparent reason, if they refuse to reset, or if they do not switch off when they should.

When you need to replace one, remember that electricity can be dangerous, so always exercise caution and show respect for electricity to avoid harm. Wear rubber-soled shoes and ensure the floor beneath the circuit breaker box is dry to minimize the risk of injury. To start, remove the circuit breaker box cover by unscrewing the corners with a screwdriver. Each different type of fuse problem will show different symptoms upon inspection. A circuit breaker fuse that will not reset will be off and cannot be flipped back on; and finally, a fuse that refuses to trip when it is supposed to will probably show marks of overheating or damage.

The reading should indicate no voltage, otherwise, you should not continue. To remove the circuit breaker fuse, you will either need to unscrew it or simply pull or lever it from its socket. The fuse will remain connected to either one or two wires. Detach these by loosening the terminal screws. It is important that the replacement circuit breaker fuse is of the same amperage and voltage unit of the original. You may wish to take the old fuse to the store in order to purchase the correct replacement.

Set the new fuse to the "off" position. Insert the original wiresin turn, into the terminals of the new fuse and tighten the retaining screws with a screwdriver.

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Flip the lever switch on. Switch the circuit breaker fuse box back on and then replace the box cover; insert the screws and tighten them to finish. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

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Old MEM 3 Phase Fuse Box

How to Replace a Circuit Breaker Fuse. Written by Piyush Jain. Reviewed by Hannah Madans. What You'll Need. Multimeter unit. Circuit breaker fuse of correct amperage. Step 1 - Open the Fuse Box Wear rubber-soled shoes and ensure the floor beneath the circuit breaker box is dry to minimize the risk of injury. Step 2 - Identify Fuse to be Replaced Each different type of fuse problem will show different symptoms upon inspection. Step 4 - Remove the Fuse To remove the circuit breaker fuse, you will either need to unscrew it or simply pull or lever it from its socket.

Step 5 - Check Fuse Amperage It is important that the replacement circuit breaker fuse is of the same amperage and voltage unit of the original. Step 7 - Reconnect Supply Switch the circuit breaker fuse box back on and then replace the box cover; insert the screws and tighten them to finish. Popular Articles. How to Wire a Fuse Box.This box is mounted on a wooden board, which was the typical installation method for older fuseboxes and switchgear.

The cover is secured by the two screws. Note the switch recess is designed so that the cover can only be removed when the switch is in the OFF position - when in the ON position as shown, the switch itself prevents the cover from being removed.

Fix It 2 Electrical Resetting Fuse Box

The cover is made from a black plastic material. The area on the front which appears damaged is actually glue from a label which someone had unhelpfully placed on there, covering the two screws. This is the view after removing the front cover. The three ceramic fuses to the left are all 15A rewireable types.

The two large screws in the recessed holes are what secures the fusebox to the wooden backboard.

mem fuse box

The black area surrounding the switch is a plastic sheet to cover the live terminals underneath. Also note the metal tab to the left of the switch, which locks the switch in the OFF position. WHen the cover is replaced, this tab is depressed and unlocks the switch.

The supply wires can be seen below the switch, passing through two holes in the wooden backboard. One fuse has been removed, and the contacts can be seen. The lower contact is the supply, with the outgoing circuit connected to the upper terminal. This lower contact would be live when the main switch is on, hence the mechanical lock and cover design to ensure the switch is always OFF when the cover is removed.

The terminal shield has also been removed. The supply connects to the two terminals below the switch, and these would be live even with the switch off. The outgoing neutrals connect to the top right terminal, and the remains of three wires are still connected. These passed through a hole in the wooden backboard. All of the fuses have been removed, and the mechanical lock overridden so that the switch can be put into the ON position.

mem fuse box

The switch is only rated to 30A, despite there being 3x15A fuses - it is likely however that the outgoing circuits would not be all loaded to the full capacity at the same time.

Closed view This box is mounted on a wooden board, which was the typical installation method for older fuseboxes and switchgear. Inside the fusebox This is the view after removing the front cover.

Fuse and shield removed One fuse has been removed, and the contacts can be seen.We use cookies to make the site easier to use. Read our cookies policy. Household Bills. About the site. MSE's Editorial Code. How we're financed.

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NewFolder Forumite 83 posts. It has 4 fuses in it: 5A for lighting, 15A for 'Heating' I think it means immersion heater, I don't think a timer and pump will draw 15A30A for the ring main, and a 15A for the cooker outlet.

mem fuse box

The fuses are cartridges with fuse wire inside them. I'd like to know whether this setup is dangerous or it should be replaced. The house was built inand we've been living there sinceand in that time, we've only had to replace two fuses, once because some guy tried to replace some wall lights and wired them up wrong idk how and caused a short circuit. The second time was when a shed installer decided to try to disconnect and move the shed socket without asking us to switch off the electricity first.

Fortunately, he managed to blow up the fuse instead of himself! Might it be better to just keep the current system and perhaps use those plug in RCDs on certain appliances?

Does anyone know around how much it would cost to replace this fusebox with a modern consumer unit with MCBs and RCDs, bearing in mind that there are only 4 outputs? If anyone needs any more information please ask. Ben84 Forumite 3. What now makes you worried about it?

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